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"Home owner just saw the video for the first time. She called me to say it moved her to tears. Absolutely loved it, great job! - Edina Realty Associate

"I use BVisions Media for virtually everything drone related, I have built a more reputable brand as an agent." - eXp Realty Associate

Professional Photography

More than 90 percent of Americans go online to shop for property.

Hiring a Professional Real Estate photographer for your listings can make all the difference between selling a property within months and selling it within weeks.

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to your MLS phtoos, those photos can be worth thousands of dollars.

Video Walkthroughs

Sell your homes faster and more efficient with Video Walk-Throughs.

Using Real Estate videos help generate social proof and build your trust as the ‘Go-To” Real Estate Professional.

What do buyers and sellers value most in a real estate agent? Having a lot of listings will only come if you can persuade others that you are in fact a stand-up, trustworthy person. By using video consistently in your digital marketing, you can build trust through familiarity with your local audience.


Drone Photography

There are always ways to invest back into your real estate profession. Using a smartphone for your MLS Pictures can be easy, but less effective.

Improve it by using aerial photography. This will not only help you improve your real estate lead generation efforts, it will also help you to offer a unique selling point.

Generating leads isn’t the only reason to use drone video and aerial photography. Homes with aerial photography sell faster.

Video Walkthroughs & Outside Aerial Listings


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